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United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia pays a visit to ICCS

On the morning of March 9th, a delegation from United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (UCSCAM) came to Nanjing Normal University to negotiate cooperation with International College for Chinese Studies (ICCS). This visit was forward-looking, focusing on the common interests that would advance Chinese education in Malaysia.

The delegation was led by Zhong Weiqian, Director of Archives Bureau in the association, including five other members. They received a warm welcome from ICCS, represented by Wang Jixian, CPC Committee Secretary, as well as other related teachers of ICCS.

At the beginning of the meeting, Secretary Wang made a brief introduction to ICCS’s history, academic ethos, international exchange programs, and expressed his wish to deepen mutual understanding with UCSCAM.

Zhong gave a general picture of Chinese education development in Malaysia: “Ethnic Chinese takes an important percentage in Malaysia, thus Chinese education matters a lot. UCSCAM has been playing a crucial role in providing access to Chinese education. For short-term courses, we’d like to send our students and teachers to ICCS, which has a great reputation for its international Chinese education.”

Both sides respectfully and patiently raised their respective concerns on cooperation, such as scholarship, availability of some specific Chinese majors, etc. “We do have Commercial Chinese and Tourism Chinese in the planning list. Cooperation details on this aspect can be further discussed if there is an opportunity in the future,” said Zhang Xiaofeng, Deputy Dean of ICCS.

Souvenirs were exchanged in a friendly manner at last, with the two sides knowing better about each other. This meeting set the stage for future collaboration between ICCS and UCSCAM, which could be a win-win. ICCS may seize the opportunity to enhance its ability of international communication.