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The UCEL Delegation Pays a Visit to ICCS

On the afternoon of October 25th, led by Fernando Ceratto, dean of Economics and Enterprise Science Department, UCEL (Universidad Del Centro Educativo Latinoamericano), and by Cristian Jesus Inderkumer, director of ACCACh (Asoclacion Civil para la Cooperacion Argentio-China), the UCEL delegation, consisting of 22 members, visited ICCS (International College for Chinese Studies) of our Nanjing Normal University. They wanted to know Jiangsu of China, to know Nanjing Normal University, so as to prepare for the possible intercollegiate cooperation in the future.  Shen Chong, vice-dean of ICCS received the delegation and showed the guests around the campus.

Mr. Shen expressed a warm welcome to the delegation and made a brief introduction of Nanjing Normal University and of ICCS, focusing on the development of International students education. Professor Zou Ping,Dean of the Spanish Department of the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, gave a lecture with a theme of “Nanjing and Argentina:Culture, Communication and Cooperation.” Ms. Zou talked about the general situation of Jiangsu province, and the culture and history of Nanjing.  With the example of Nanjing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, etc., Ms. Zou explained widely the economic development among the Yangtze River Delta and its influences to the whole country. She also introduced Nanjing Normal University and her Spanish Department. Her fluent Spanish and clear illustrations impress the guests deeply, and magnify their interests in Nanjing and Jiangsu.

After the lecture, the delegation members had a communication with Zou Ping and some other teachers on what they were interested. Professor Fernando said that the trip to Nanjing Normal University, the most beautiful campus in the East, was very productive. They appreciated not only the charm of oriental civilization, but also that of Nanjing, particularly Nanjing Normal University. He is looking forward to the further communication and cooperation.