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The New Year Celebration of 2016 was Successfully Held

On December 18th, the New Year Celebration hosted by faculty Of International College for Chinese Studies was held successfully in YiFang Theater. Hundreds of students and teachers, including deputy headmaster Professor Miao Jiandong and other school leaders, all gathered together to celebrate and welcome the arrival of the coming 2016.

While addressing the event at the beginning of the celebration, dean of our faculty——Professor Duan Yehui extended his welcome to all the people present and expressed his greetings of New Year, hoping that all of us will enjoy a delighted and wonderful night. Then the evening party began with an African Malawi dance. Accompanied by the passionate and powerful melody, dancers from Africa moved their bodies rhythmically and meanwhile almost everyone was fascinated and ignited by their enthusiasm. Next, the junior Chinese students performed a drama named Return to Ancient China. Their brilliant performance demonstrated the etiquette, clothing, food and love story of ancient China and received hearty rounds of applause. Then different folk dances from Sri Lanka, Laos, Mongolia were performed one after another. We also heard beautiful songs like She said, Santa Tell me, Sing a New Years song, etc. In addition, the poetry recital Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again spoken in different Chinese dialects by three of our teachers evoked a burst of laughter from the auditorium. All in all, everyone was excited and happy all that night.

It is no exaggeration to say that the celebration was a feast for our eyes and ears. With our best wishes exchanged, let’s say Happy New Year !

(Script/ Wu Huidong、Lu Zheyi、Zhang Wei, Photo/ Xue Xiangyang, Translation/Song Juanjuan, Proofreading/Shen Yi)