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The mobilization meeting of ICCS held for internship of Chinese and foreign senior students

On the afternoon of February 15th, International College for Chinese Studies(ICCS) held a mobilization meeting for internship of 2017's senior students on the Suiyuan campus of Nanjing Normal University(NNU).

At the beginning of the meeting, Dong Sheng, Student Affairs Officer of ICCS, gave a brief introduction about the current situation of internship and emphasized the importance of that. Doctor Yang Juan, Internship Affairs Officer of ICCS, announced the arrangement. All the 25 senior students was divided into three groups: Group 1 in enterprises, Group 2 in Jinling Huiwen Secondary School, Group 3, including two students from Malaysia, in departments of ICCS.

As a conclusion, Wang Jixian, CPC Committee Secretary of ICCS, gave a speech to encourage students to have a good performance in their internship. He hoped that every student could cherish their valuable opportunity. At the end of the meeting, students communicated with their leading teachers in groups.

The mobilization meeting showed ICCS’s concern for the students' future career and development. Great expectations were placed on them. They are supposed to gain more experience from the internship.
Fang Lingbo, CPC Committee Vice Secretary of ICCS and Zhang Xiaofeng, Deputy Dean of ICCS, as well as all the senior students attended this meeting.