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The Graduation Ceremony for Kindergarten Principals’workshop was Successfully Held by ICCS

On the afternoon of December 14th, International College for Chinese Studies(ICCS) held the graduation ceremony of kindergarten principals workshop regarding overseas Chinese education leaded by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Of The State Council,in 108 room of No.200 building in Sui Yuan campus. Secretary of the Party committee Wang Jixian, deputy secretary of the Party committee Fang Lingbo, deputy dean Shen Chong and all students of the workshop attended the ceremony.

The ceremony was hosted by deputy dean Shen Chong. Firstly, Dr.Shen introduced the workshop of the students and summarized the main activities and courses of the workshop. Next, Party secretary Wang Jixian concluded the agenda of the past two weeks and put forward some suggestions to the teachers. Secretary Wang pointed out that the workshop had three prominent characteristics: 1. Teachers were on a high level. These teachers were the senior professors from Educational Science College in our school or the experienced principals of kindergartens with outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of kindergarten education. 2. The training content fully combined the theory with practice, including not only academic lectures but also colorful culture studies. 3. The management of the workshop was strict and meticulous, covering teaching, travel and accommodation, etc., which fully guaranteed the learning and life safety of the students in Nanjing. Secretary Wang also pointed out that the seminar doubtlessly helped the students broaden their way of thinking, clarify their teaching direction, and improve their theoretical and practical ability. At the same time, it promoted the communication among the students from different countries, let these overseas Chinese sense the concern and expectation from motherland.

Finally, Secretary Wang hoped that students could keep the awareness of continuous learning after their return, make full use of various learning opportunities to improve their own quality and expressed the love and miss from the motherland to other overseas Chinese. Motherland will welcome them back forever.

(Script/ICCS, Translation/Yan Zhen, Proofreading/Shen Yi、Li Ruoyi)