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2016 Students’ Short-term Learning Exchange Program with Japanese Aichi Shukutuko University successfully ended

Recently, a short-term learning exchange program led by International College for Chinese Studies(ICCS) of Nanjing Normal University(NNU) towards students from Japanese Aichi Shukutuko University brings to a successful close.

Japanese Aichi Shukutuko University sent 16 students to our school in order to take part in this program for three weeks. During school hours, Japanese youngsters have improved their Chinese , joined in the activity which aimed to memorize history. They have created a new feeling towards the old Chinese saying: ‘taking history as a mirror’. After contacting with youths from International College for Chinese Studies and College for Foreign Languages of NNU, Japanese students have made friends with them and thus having the opportunity to learn more about China. Through a wide variety of colorful activities, Japanese youngsters have got in touch with profound Chinese culture and deeply impressed by NNU, Nanjing and even China.

There is a long exchange history between Japanese Aichi Shukutuko University and our school.  The two have always maintained a good relationship. For 20 years, over 400 students of Aichi Shukutuko University have come to our school for studying and visiting through this learning exchange program. With the success of this program, our school continues the tradition of cooperation with Japanese Aichi Shukutuko University. On the other hand, it has promoted the friendiship and strengthened the bridege of understanding between the two countries.

It is learned that, currently, this kind of exchange programs led by ICCS have now covered more than ten countries and regions including Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Over 400 students come to Nanjing Normal University for different learning aims every year.

(Script/ Yang Yaochen, Translation/Li Mengyi, Proofreading/Xie Xiuxiu、Li Ruoyi)