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Rules & Regulations

Regulations of Withdrawing Tuition Fees  for International Students of NNU

  1. There is no refund of short-term tuition fees,but they may be transferred to a new term if the applicant can continue to study at NNU.
  2. Within two weeks (before 16:00 pm of the 2nd Friday after the first day of class, if a non-X2 visa student has not applied for RP, he may apply to stop his study. After charging 20% of the full tuition, the remainder will be returned to the student. Those with a 60 days or longer F visa with the JW202 of NNU, or those who have already applied for a RP or extended their visa, must go to EEAD of Nanjing PSB to shorten their visa to 15-days valid date,then get their tuition refund after paying 20% of the full tuition.
  3. If a student applies to transfer to another school within two weeks after the first day of class, with the receipt of the whole amount tuition of new school, he can keep his RP and get the refund after paying 20% of the full tuition.
  4. Those who have already paid the tuition for two semesters or more, if applying to stop their study after having applied for the RP, must shorten the valid period of RP.The tuition of that semester may be refunded according to the rules in No.2, and the whole tuition of other semesters can be returned to them.


Regulations of Valid Period of Visa or RP

Various valid periods of RP will be given to the international students of NNU according to their types, studying periods and the tuitions paid:

Language Trainees:If the tuition paid for only one semester, and with 6-month insurance, the valid period is usually extended to two weeks after the beginning of vacation;

If the tuition paid for two semesters or more, with a Health Certificate, and one-year insurance, a concerned valid period can also be given.

Non-degree scholarships and exchange students: Valid for one or two semesters according to the study period in JW201/202 and the insurance they buy.

Short-term trainees: Valid two weeks longer than their study period.

Undergraduates who have already studied here for two semesters, from the first semester of Grade III, valid for two semesters every time, but to July 31 of the last semester.

MA and PhD Students, their RP is valid for two semesters every time.

Those applying for schooling suspension must leave China within two weeks after the approval. During one’s suspension period, the RP can’t be extended.  After checking the Exit or Entry date in their passports, if they stay in China longer than allowed, the tuition remaining can not be transferred to the new semester.

Note: If student is given over two-semesters valid period because over two semester’s tuition has been paid, when he wants to stop his study or transfer to another school, for the present semester, whether the tuition is refundable or not depends on whether he has studied here over two weeks, but he can withdraw the tuition of all the other semesters after his RP or visa valid period has been shortened. If he also enjoys a discount because of the paying the tuition earlier, the discount must be reduced.

Having paid the tuition of the second semester in advance and extended the RP valid period, if he applies to transfer to other schools before the beginning of class of the new semester, he can get all his tuition back. He can still have his present RP on condition that he can present the Admission Notice or JW202 of the new school. Otherwise, he has to shorten the valid period of his RP before getting the tuition back.


Regulations for Class Attendance of International Students of NNU

All international students are required to attend their classes regularly. Both of teachers and head teachers will record the students’ class attendance. Every two weeks, the records will be passed to the teacher of studies in the college office. If a student is found absent for two days or more, it must be reported to the office immediately.

A student should arrive in time for class and should not leave before the class is over. One who for some reason has to miss a class is required to ask for permission according to the following requirements, or he is regarded as absent from class:

  1. A written application is necessary for a leave-permission. One-day-leave is granted by the teacher or head-teacher. Two-to-seven-day leave must be granted by the dean. Over- seven-day-leave must be signed by the dean and granted by the Teaching Affairs Department.  One copy of the application must be kept in the college.
  2. A note from the doctor is necessary for a sick-leave. 
  3. A student’s leaving application must be signed by their teachers first before it is handed to the office. After being granted, it will be kept in the office. A leaving student is required to conclude the leaving, or s/he must renew the leave when it is due.
  4. A student must attend his classes chosen. An absence without asking for leave or without approval of leaving permission is regarded as “skipping class”. One who has missed 30 classes will be given a warning or severe warning. S/he will be forced to dismissal if he has missed 60 or more classes or hasn’t attended any appointed studying activities for two weeks. These punishments will be sent to the student directly. They will also be posted to CSC or his/her Embassy or Consulate in China.
  5. All the foreign students are required to take part in the exam or test. One who fails must study the course again. One who misses 1/3 or more classes of a certain subject in one term is not allowed to attend its test and must study the subject again.  However, one whose usual study records are really excellent may take part in the test and continue her/his study in the same class on the condition that s/he him/herself makes the application with the approval of both the subject teacher and the dean in charge of the teaching affairs.
  6. Usually one is not allowed to miss a test. One who really cannot attend a test may apply for postponing the test in advance.  When the dean permits, the teacher will be informed, his test may be postponed.  One who misses a test without permission will be treated as “missing a test”.


Regulations for Students with Chinese Government Scholarship

During their study period, students with Chinese Government Scholarship can get monthly stipend.

Undergraduate students: CNY 2,500 per month;

Master’s students/general scholars: CNY 3,000 per month;

Doctoral students/senior scholars: CNY 3,500 per month.

  1. Those who come before the 15th may be given the full amount of money, while those who come after the 15th can only be given half of the amount.
  2. Those who will graduate will be given half of the month scholarship moreaccording to the graduation date.
  3. Those who have already received their living fees, if they decide temporarily to stop or suspend their study, can keep the scholarship they’ve got.
  4. Those leaving school during the regular holidays can receive the scholarship as usual. Those who do not come back to school on time cannot take the scholarship of the absence period.
  5. During the study period, if the student’s family comes, all the cost will be covered by the senders or the students themselves.

Annual Assessing of the Chinese Government Scholarship

Students belonging to one of the following descriptions cannot apply for the scholarship assessing.:

  1. Missing over 25% of the classes or not attending the mid-term or final examinations.
  2. During the present school year, failing in 3/4 -4/5 of the subjects in the mid-term and final examinations of the first semester and the mid-term examinations of the 2nd semester;
  3. Not studying hard, no improvement after persuading, or missing more than 80 classes.
  4. Being given a disciplinary school probation by school because of bad behavior or a penal detention by the police;
  5. Not fitting to continue study for health problems;
  6. Occupying a room or a bed in the dormitory without permission and not feeling regretted even after being explained and persuaded;

**Other scholarship students, or exchange students may be assessed in the same method mentioned above.


Regulations for Students with Confucius Institute Scholarship

About the stipend

  1. The stipend is granted by the host institutions on monthly basis. The stipend criteria per person are: BTCSOL, One-Academic-Year Study, One-Semester Study: RMB2500 per month; MTCSOL: RMB3000 per month.
  2. One-Semester Study students can get 5 months’ stipend, One-Academic-Year Study students can get 11 months’ stipend, BTCSOL and MTCSOL students can get 12 months’ stipend every school year.

About HSK and HSKK test

  1. BTCSOL and MTCSOL studentshave to take part in the annual review and provide the score of HSK/HSKK;
  2. One-Semester Study studentshave to take the HSK4 and HSKK(beginner level)before the end of the semester. One-Academic-Year Study students shall take the HSK5 and HSKK (intermediate level) before the end of the academic year.
  3. Website of registration for HSK/HSKK:
  4. Register it and pay online, you will be refunded after the examination.